Video Review: Berghaus Hyper and Hyper 100 jackets | Part 1

“It’s really not about the gear,” is the first line you will hear in our Berghaus Adventure Video part 1. A strange thing to say, certainly when we call ourselves GearLimits and almost everything we write or talk about is gear. But we do mean it. Gear is not a goal in itself; it is always aimed at enabling the outdoor activities we love to do. Anything that really helps enjoy those activities more, helps us be better at what we do or makes us safer in what we are doing, is worth talking about. Hence our tagline ‘Fun, Performance and Safety’’. We’ve always believed this and felt it. But there are moments when we re-realize this, so to speak, and feel it very strongly. That’s what great gear does.

And that was exactly what happened in Kielder Forest Park, a beautiful nature area in Northumberland, UK. We were there to experience the Hyper Jacket and the Hyper 100 Jackets from Berghaus. Mountain biking and trail running. We were doing a really cool project together with this English brand (yes, it is English, not German or Austrian) to review these products and also to get to know the Berghaus brand better. And we decided it would be cool to produce a video about that experience.

[vc_message]If you want to know more about Berghaus: check out or new brand page![/vc_message]

We went to England, from the Netherlands, by boat, wanting to take mountain bikes with us as well as a lot of bike and camera gear. As luck would have it storm Doris hit the UK and the Netherlands on the very day we boarded the ferry in the Dutch port of Ijmuiden. Unfortunately, this meant we had 8 hours delay on our departure and losing a whole day of filming. On the bright side, the weather was awful. Really strong winds, a lot of rain, constantly coming down, with the sun forcing its way through the clouds once in a while producing the most glorious rainbows. In other words, the best circumstances you could get to test what Berghaus claimed were very breathable, fully wind -and waterproof jackets. We will be producing the real in-depth reviews later on; but what we want to mention already (spoiler alert) is that the jackets, especially the Hyper 100, lived up to its promise in a tremendous way, and together with the Vapourlight Hypertherm Hoody mid layer proved to be able to withstand everything Doris threw at is. Through the wind and the rain, we could not stop smiling. Nature has a way of being beautiful in any circumstance, and when your gear helps you remain dry and comfortable, you are able to enjoy all those forms of beauty. That is the gift of great gear.

Coming up next week we will be publishing our second and final part of our adventure review with the Berghaus gear. Stay tuned!

Editor's Squad
Editor's Squad
Bij GearLimits geloven we dat goed materiaal leidt tot betere prestaties, meer plezier en hogere veiligheid. Voor elke sporter die zijn grenzen wil verleggen en zijn plezier wil vergroten is dit een must. GearLimits helpt je hierbij.


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