Just because we miss snow already – Seeking Nirvana

I miss the snow, and I am guessing I am not the only one. So when I came across this edit I sat back to enjoy. Four Canadians, (Mike Henitiuk, Joe Schuster, Riley Leboe, Matt Margetts) sending off of tree lined pillows in Blackcomb backcountry, endless powder, and a really quirky cool edit.

A grainy dark color grading, a voice-over you would expect in a 60’s western. A soundtrack that varies from slide-guitary, Hawaiian tunes to late 70’s Motown beats and 20’s/30’s Charleston and blues songs.

Lot’s of fun and amazing action. Just humongous drops and landings in neck deep powder, the guys look like they’re made of rubber. And did I mention endless powder?  There’s a short break to surf in the sounds of the BC coast, and then quickly back to the mountains, to powder and “the never-ending search for Nirvana”.

There are more parts to this search, so be sure to check out the rest of their edits.

A sight for sore eyes 👀 #SeekingNirvana #StrangeAdventures #Chapter3

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