VideoPick “When the Mountains were Wild.”

A road trip through former Yugoslavia, scars of war still visible, the ruins of the Sarajevo wintergames, countless passport checkpoints to the Albanian Alps. Digging out of snow covered huts, waiting out a 6 day snowstorm, food rationing, skinning up amazing faces, powder runs through deserted mountains where nobody comes, baby goats, couloirs, spines and tree runs…all ingredients of a very entertaining ski/snowboard roadtrip movie. Wild undiscovered mountains: these guys really had to work for it!

Riders: Mitch Tölderer, Johannes Hoffmann & Klaus Zwirner
Filmed by Jakob Schweighofer & Johannes Hoffmann
Still Photography Carlos Blanchard
Edited by Simon Platzer & Johannes Hoffmann
Directed by Mitch Tölderer & Whiteroom Productions
Idea by Mitch Tölderer


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