A Greek surf mission

When asking people to choose a surf destination little chance you will hear Greece. Nixon surfers Marlon Lipke, Yannick De Jager and Gony Zubizarreta have had an eye on this dreamy Mediterranean location for years now. Unfortunately, they never found the opportunity to attempt the travel.

Chances to score are always very low considering the consistency of swells and the difficulty in predicting conditions. Timing is key, local connexions are priceless. All they needed was a call: a friend and local shaper guaranteed them that the conditions displayed on the weather forecast would turn the coast into an idyllic playground, and it did.

One day of swell, not two, and it was all gone. The crew surfed 2 different waves for 9 hours before finding a slab on their way back home just one hour before dark… Greece, really?

Watch the video…


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