logo-frosty“What a beautiful board” my first thoughts at seeing the Dupraz D1 5,5” when I went to pick up the board along with a few others at Dutch bases specialty shop Frosty Snowboarding (many thanks for the sweet decks we got tot try). Just aesthetically speaking. The nose made me dream of surfing over powder from the get go. And that is what this board does.


We tested the Dupraz on and off-piste in Austrian resorts of Ishgl and Galtür. We enjoyed some amazing days, the first real snowdump of the season to hit that part of the alps in 2016. So not an incredible base, but really fresh powder and many inches of it.

The Review

Post Foto's landscape.001The look of the Dupraz is certain to draw looks on the mountain, but there is much more than just the look, and it can start you off on the wrong foot. Because what you see is a really long board, but the concern that it would handle like a long board is unfounded. The nose scoops up quite early so that the effective edge (the length of the board that is actually in contact with the snow, is much shorter). As a result it does handle like a shorter board. And regardless of the nose you can ride switch as well, though it just comes less natural that twin boards (obviously)
The base of the Dupraz is flat, making the edge to edge transition fluent, and helping its handling during on-piste higher speed carving. (If you want to know more about boards profiles/shapes check out our GearGuide.) So for a board that looks as a powder board, the ride on piste is aggressive and really, really good. With the + and ++ stiffer versions of the board, (more carbon) that aggressiveness will increase even more. We road the standaard board which was easy to ride, from an easy cruise to really bombing down groomers. That being said, it doesn’t have that ultra aggressive feel of real camber boards, but it does go a far way.


It really comes into its own on powdery runs. The nose does really surf the snow, providing much needed float, helping at lower speeds and shorter turns to keep your board above the snow. But if you do happen to dive into the snow, it will really shovel into it. So keep that nose up, bring your weight a bit back and you’ll have an amazing time. The sensation of surfing on powder is just that much stronger on this board.

So in effect, the Dupraz is a very complete All-Mountain board that will serve your piste and powder desires and is just so much fun. And once again, it just looks really good.
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Mark Stokmans
Sinds mijn jongste jeugd ben ik een zeer actief sporter in heel veel verschillende sporten: begonnen met honkbal, tennis en paardrijden later nog hockey, voetbal, hardlopen en aikido. Daarnaast sinds twaalf jaar oud into actionsports: als eerste windsurfen, later klimmen, skaten, snowboarden, mountainbiken. Gek ook op video's maken van action sports. Verder al sinds 1990 werkzaam in de sport, en sportmarketing eerste bij de Judobond en tot eind 2016 bij NOC*NSF. Naast GearLimits in het dagelijks leven part-time werkzaam bij digitaal bureau Infocaster.


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