The Poor Man’s Selfie Drone – Nicolas Vuignier drops a new one

You might remember Nicolas Vuignier as the guy that came up with the Centriphone and made a very cool edit some time ago. He just dropped a new edit yesterday and it’s just a great one again. Aside from the fact that this guy can really ski, he uses a fun new Action Cam gadget to make his shot, the AER. It’s a GoPro bearing throw bomb kind of thing and you can pre-order it now for just € 49 euro’s.

The idea is that you load your GoPro into the AER, throw it into the air, or at somebody passing buy or flying overhead or anything, and voila: you have aerial footage. I do suspect you need a good arm though.

It should be “easy, portable, stable, it floats, it’s crash proof” and you can play catch with our budies.

We’re gonna see how quickly we can get our hands on one of these things.

Capturing the moment while shredding up the pow! Now that is what we call having a BLAST!! 🙌 #aervideo 🚀

Een bericht gedeeld door AER - We throw GoPros! 🔥 (@aervideo) op


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