Coming up, the 6th edition of the Lausanne Slopestyle

The key event for freeboarders & longboarders

The 6th edition of the Lausanne Slopestyle will take place on July 1st and 2nd in Lausanne, Switzerland. More than 300 participants from all around the world are expected to ride this summer snowpark, unique in its kind and many of them intend to do it with their best mates on their side. The event will take place on July 1st and 2nd in Lausanne, Switzerland, Olympic capital but also urban downhill Mecca.

The Lausanne Slopestyle has become a key event for freeboarders, longboarders and other downhill and freestyle adepts. The principle of the event: transform a 700m closed road into a downhill skatepark featuring similar modules as in winter snowparks. It will again be held by the LAU’ Riders, official association of freeboarders in Lausanne.

For the first time in the event history, subscriptions are also open to crews. Freeboarders and longboarders crews have been one of the most important drive in both disciplines’ development. The Lausanne Slopestyle itself was born from the crazy idea of a few friends. “We want to give the crew the visibility they deserve” mentions Yoann Chapel from the organizing committee.

The city of Lausanne and several local and international brands are supporting the project. The collaboration established with local partners Anticonf, and La Fièvre skatepark is maintained and joined by the American brand Freebord Mfg., at the origin of the freeboard move.

Over 300 participants are expected from all around the world including Jordi Puig Ribas, considered the best freeboarder worldwide and Pierre Linckenheld, locally known as #CaféPierro, the waiter on the wheels and world’s fastest barista. Some other riders come from far away like Yuhei and Pedro, respectively flying from Japan and Brazil to ride the slopestyle track.

This event was initially created by a crew. It is now dedicated to the crews !

Pictures by @mirtewashere


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